Does the option to use Current Account Switch Service still work even if the account is 2 years old?

I don’t know, only the two parties can tell you that.

This might be worth a read too

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Yeah thank you.

I’m gonna let my current possibly failed ticketing direct debit go through on Monday (it hasn’t shown up yet). If it goes through brilliant, I can start the process of the CASS.

If not, I’ll just do everything manually. There aren’t many direct debits attached to Nationwide plus Monzo have bonuses for having over a certain amount paid in each month and have you set altrast one direct debit, so e.g more free card replacements.

They have allowances and yes, they do change, depending on usage.

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Believe if it’s more than £500 paid into the account and atleast one direct debit setup.


You can move an account that’s two minutes old. Or 50 years old.


Yeah i just thought there would be some sort of issue but thank you.



The honest truth is Reddit is all about downvotes and is full of trolls in my honest opinion. Here people are a lot more helpful.