Monzo Widget

(Vincent Liu) #1

not sure if I am reporting this in the right place but I thought I would highlight this.

the widget on the ios public beta (latest version) is not working.
just will show balance for a second then disappear and show “unable to load” .



For the developer beta, released yesterday?

(Adam) #3

he says


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(Rika Raybould) #4

We’re aware of this, it’s been an issue since the very first iOS 11 Beta. Since it wasn’t core functionality and we’ve been working on the current accounts, the fix got pushed back a bit but we’re going to try and fix it before the full public release of iOS 11. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Deeming) #5

It’s unfortunate that this never happened. We’re no more than a week or two away from the final release of 11.3.0! And only a few months away from the first iOS 12 Beta.

Hope to see it fixed soon. It’s actually quite a useful tool.

(Ben Green) #6

Working perfectly fine for me. I’m on the latest release of iOS (11.2.6) and Monzo (1.9.28) w/ CA.


it still works better than the Android widget…what widget?..oh yes there isn’t one :wink:

(Chris Deeming) #8

Maybe just me then but I’ve reset my session a few times and even reinstalled the app.

If it helps troubleshooting any it will often briefly show the balance before going to this:

Is this the right place to report bugs or should I chat on the app?

(Ben Green) #9

I’d recommend in app support every time. They’ll know what version of app you’re on, probably some of your hardware information too, without even having to ask you.

Have you tried turning your phone off and on again?

(Rika Raybould) #10

Looks like a similar issue has occurred again. :cry:

For some context, this is a difficult one to track down because iOS is killing the widget for some reason (typically due to using too much CPU time, memory, etc.). The thresholds on when and why a widget extension get killed are quite low, can be different for each device, and change with versions.

It’s just started happening on my personal iPhone so we’ll see what we can get from it!

(Ben Green) #11

I used to notice it occasionally on my 6 Plus but upgraded to 8 Plus a few months ago and it’s not happened since.

Maybe a symptom of “iPhoneGate”.