Do you currently subscribe to Amazon Prime?

My Amazon Prime membership renewal date is approaching. Am thinking of cancelling, just to see how I get on without it for a while. It got me curious as to how many people on here currently subscribe to Amazon Prime. Am referring to full Amazon Prime subscription (currently £95/year), not Prime services that can be purchased in isolation, such as Prime Instant Video.

Do you currently subscribe to Amazon Prime?
  • Yes
  • No - but I have done in the past
  • No - and I never have
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I cancelled it after I finished my professional studies and they would no longer give me a student discount. It didn’t feel worth it at full price. That was a couple of years ago and I don’t miss it yet.

But the husband has prime so if I really needed something delivered I could get it.

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I make use of the Prime Household stuff, so while yes, I am subscribed, no I do not pay for it.

So is this a tier above the £7.95 per month thing? R-

I’m subscribed at the moment but cancelling when my year ends in September. I find Prime Video to be a pain to navigate to the point where I avoid it completely. I might miss the next day deliveries but I vary rarely need the things I’m buying to be next day. It might actually prevent a few impulse buys.

Ok, cancel my last, just done the maths :upside_down_face:. We keep it going for the music and the 1 in 7 or so films that are any good. I do like the next day delivery, fully recognising that it’s not “free”. R-

I have it, mainly because of the Grand Tour and films, but also delivery. Quite good vfm really I think for what you get.

I deleted the app for this very reason :laughing:

Full Prime (the one that comes with free delivery). If you have this and are paying a monthly fee of £7.95 you must be on old pricing. It will increase to £8.99/month when your renewal date comes around (or you could switch to £95/year annual charge to maintain average monthly fee).

I currently have a week for 99p, ain’t subscribed in months. Delivery is great but you tend to buy more when things can arrive next day. The video side of it is poor I find. Netflix is only subscription that we have all the time, rest (Now, Apple TV) we dip in and out of.

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It’s just about worth the money for me for the occasional Premier League matches, occasional film or TV series, free delivery, and for the Deliveroo Plus (or Pro, or whatever the free Deliveroo delivery scheme is called).

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I receive 6 months free via O2 which I only use music from it, though limited use such as only 5 skips a day or something silly. Don’t get any ads though so it’s not too dire.

The rest I can live without:

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Technically yes, but I got a year free I think it was with my contents insurance? It was through something, I honestly can’t remember what though.

We stopped paying for it before then, just to save some money, we’ll probably cancel when the year is up again.

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My life insurance comes with a free Vitality plan; that has free Amazon Prime as one of the freebies, which itself triggers free Deliveroo Plus :face_with_spiral_eyes: so it all daisychains along.


Had Amazon Prime for like 9 years now, use all the services and find it’s probably the best for the money, especially with the next day delivery.


This is something I don’t do. I only use delivery perks and (occasionally) video and music. Perhaps it’s worth trying some of the other bundled services to see how much more value I can extract.

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I don’t pay for it myself, but it’s the one that if I couldn’t free-load, I’d definitely pay for.

I barely watch anything, but next-day delivery is ace.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many perks were available.

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I do, but I make use of the “household sharing”, plus I share my account with my other half so we split the cost 3 ways.

Yes, I get it “free” through vitality health insurance

I have an Amazon locker near me open 24/7 so I just use that usually, it has been full a couple of times and you can’t use it when the item isn’t in stock so the delivery date is estimated.

I do have use of someone’s prime account if needed but I don’t use it enough personally.

They also made the free delivery minimum £25 now :-1: