PSA - EE are offering 6 months free Amazon Prime Video

Nice little gift for any EE customers, they are currently offering 6 months free Amazon Prime Video.

Just need to text PRIME VIDEO to 150


What if you already have Amazon Prime though :eyes:

I think they still allow you to claim it (not sure how though).

Even so, I should have also mentioned that they will also cover your data for watching it for 6months too

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It’s answered in the link posted above.

It’s not Amazon Prime they’re offering, it’s just Amazon Prime Video.

That comes with Prime though?

Yep. The offer is aimed at those without Prime, I guess. You could cancel or suspend your Prime for 6 months, but I think you’d lose the other benefits.

Thanks for sharing!!!

I got the Apple Music one and BT Sport :sunglasses:

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EE is pretty generous with these offerings imo!

Is it same that comes with prime membership ?

They have been! Still can’t justify the high cost though… looking to move to Three this year who offer more daily deals

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