Amazon Video Rental becoming a Scheduled Recurring Payment?

Hi All,

I’m an Amazon Prime customer with my DD set up through my Monzo account. As expected, there is a record of this in my account’s “Scheduled Payments” tab for when the subscription is next due. That is all fine.

What isn’t fine however is that whenever I “rent” a non-prime Film through Amazon, the payment is taken, but it is also registered as another scheduled payment on my Monzo account, separate to the yearly Prime subscription. I’m only renting the film, not making another subscription.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen it happen and much like last time, all I’m gonna do is cancel the supposed recurrence. I’ve never waited to see if a second payment triggered cuz why would I? I’ve also never rented a second film while the 1st payment record is present. i.e. I don’t know whether a second record would show up or if the record would “stack”.

Anyone seen this happen before? Seems well-dodgy to me.


Amazon generally come with recurring payments as a merchant, such as Prime or Video or Music etc.

Just turn off Repeating payment on the transaction itself to make it go away. The same thing happens if you go buy a phone charger in the likes of O2, because the merchant is generally a recurring payment service.

This. But I think your comment isn’t clear in that it isn’t actually a recurring payment, it’s just what Monzo expects it to be because payments at that merchant usually are.

I see, yes this makes more sense now.

I forgot it is possible to pay for Amazon Video as an individual subscription on its own (without Prime). Presuming that a subscription to this would show as a payment to “Amazon Prime Video” rather than “Amazon Prime”, this would be why Monzo views “Amazon Prime Video” as a potential scheduled payment recipient.

That said, It’s a bit presumptuous given we’ve evidenced that not all payments to that specific creditor would be for a recurring service (i.e. a video rental in my case).

I will cancel it lol. Cheers dudes!