What do you pay for that's worth the price?

I was just thinking about this in light of Netflix raising their price recently.

Nobody likes a price hike, but for me I’d struggle to say it’s not worth it. We probably watch something on Netflix every single evening that we’re home, and they’ve built up an untouchable selection of original content that we’d definitely miss if we stopped paying for it (off the top of my head, Riverdale, Sabrina, OITNB, Stranger Things, Sex Education, Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why and many more!)

Sure - you can do various illegal things to watch them, but it’s significantly more work!

Another more general one - I’d say travelling in general. Travelling is pretty much always worth it for the experiences and memories! :airplane:

Concerts is another one. If an artist I really like is playing nearby, I’ll always try my best to get myself there. Because you just never know if you’ll get another opportunity. That’s the attitude I’ve always had, and it’s how I was able to see Prince perform on 14 different occasions. In my younger days, I often went into debt to get to concerts, but I’ve never regretted it at all.

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Is there a prize for the first person to say Monzo Plus? :wink:


Saw the headline

Came here to say Netflix

Found the OP started with Netflix


Paying for a music subscription is up there, it keeps me sane.

Also private health insurance, I haven’t had to use it for over 10 years now, but when I did i was so glad I had it.

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Internet, coz otherwise I’d have to talk to real life humans :scream:


The gym.

An odd one to put in I’m sure. It doesn’t appeal to everyone. But recently I have been going 3 times a week and the mental health benefits that I’m feeling from completing a workout can not really be put into words.

Physically I am starting to see results, but mentally it’s well worth the £11.99 a month!!


Yeah, but do you think the service you get is worth what you pay for it? I’m paying Virgin Media about £80 a month at the moment and I’m not happy about it. Unfortunately, since there’s no Hyperoptic here they effectively have a monopoly on high speed internet.

Netflix and Amazon Prime (the £59 version )

Have some posts been removed from this thread?

I replied and so did somebody else - their reply has gone too.

I said a mattress - a really good one.

different thread Rob ?

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I know others will disagree, but for me, the TV license fee.

I consume a huge amount of BBC content. It’s mostly radio, both live and in the form of podcasts, but I do use iPlayer quite a bit as well. I’d be happy to pay the licence fee just for the radio, to be honest.

I’ve developed an intense dislike of advertising in AV content recently, so I avoid all commercial radio, and will only watch commercial TV by way of a YouView recording (I can’t bear All4, with the same ads again and again and again).


Spotify and gigs - a life without music would be awful.
Netflix/BBC - good but not as crucial (I mean I pay the license fee!) as I can find good content most places I look.

Totally. I pay £28.99 a month and Sky are more reliable than other providers I’ve used

Also I got 6 months free sky entertainment package when I signed up, but for some reason they’d put it down as 18 months, and then they extended my offers for a another year. So I’ve a £40 sky package for almost 2 1/2 years


Spotify. Some think it’s mad that I way £10 a month for music. But come on, you get to listen to 90% of the world’s music whenever you want. Plus I listen about 8 hours a day so it’s totally worth it.


Ahhh yes!

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some BBC programmes are well worth the fee

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Amazon prime has to be the king of value. So much for so little, shipping, streaming video and music etc.
But agreed Netflix is pretty darn good as well.

Nah, they are on Netflix within the year. Or can purchase within a month or so and still works out cheaper than licence.


1Password Families and Day One.

The peace of mind that 1Password gives me would be cheap at twice the price.

When you have kids, I think Day One easily pays for itself.


I used to have Day One on my iOS devices, but when their competitor, Journey, launched on iOS I stopped using Day One, and there’s one simple reason why - Journey is also available on Windows.

Although I suspect my circumstances are fairly rare, I use Windows on desktop, MacOS on laptop, and have both an iPhone XR and a Pixel 2 XL.

When I want to do something, I want to be able to grab whatever tech is nearest to do the job, and Journey is great that way.