Requiring to use Chip & Pin for security


So, I couldn’t use contactless today because my app said I must use Chip & Pin for security purposes (it also notified me via the app).

Now, considering some shops now are going contactless only during the current crisis, plus I really don’t want to use a keypad right now, any chance for relaxing this a little, at least for the next few months, so that I don’t need to use Chip & Pin at all.

I do understand this is a security feature through!


The FCA would need to allow them to do this, it’s not a monzo decision


Monzo can’t do anything about this. They have to follow the law.

You can get around it by using Google/Apple Pay, (assuming you’re not shopping at places like Tesco).


I thought Tesco enabled Apple Pay several months ago?

Ah, last time I tried to pay over £30 the transaction was refused, but they could’ve fixed that since then. I’ll give a try my next weekly shopping trip (staying home, staying safe, lamenting availability of home delivery slots).

Use the corner of another card to press the buttons on a PIN pad, if you must, or just wash your hands as much as you should be at the moment anyway.

Really? I didn’t know this, thank you.

I’ve never had this happen with Natwest.

I might be mistaken, it’s possible all my shops at Tesco have been under £30. But I feel like I used to have problems with Tesco and a few months ago they stopped. Make sure you have your card with you in case I’m wrong! :grimacing:

The local ‘big’ tesco is still £30, which means if I’m there I have to go fishing around for the pin that I rarely use. Asda, too. Supermarkets are slow to understand that mobile payment exists.

If you google it they say they were going to scrap the limit in 2018, but it didn’t happen.

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Yep, I’m afraid you are mistaken. Had to go to Tesco this afternoon, for a neighbour who can’t get out. Total came to over £40 and the machine wouldn’t even give me the option of contactless. Waved my phone at it anyway and it just made the message bigger, as if to say “Are you an idiot? Can you not read?” :rofl:

Waitrose works for silly amounts no problem at all, but unfortunately won’t be able to visit them in good conscience until restrictions are lifted (bit too far away).

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Thanks for confirming, and sorry for the false information. I’ve obviously not done a big shop at Tesco for a while :grimacing:

Tesco still at £30 for contactless for all cards / phones.
Had an email from Hsbc that they will be upping the limit for contactless on their cards to £45 and retailers will be upgrading terminals.
will Monzo be doing anything similar?

I think this is an industry-wide thing, not bank specific. In fact, I think the limit is imposed by the terminals, not the banks.

For Tesco, download and use Tesco Pay+, it is a qr code scanned by the till from the phone screen with 250 limit.

I think Tesco have the limit for Google/Apple pay in order to try and encourage people into using their Pay+ app, where I think the limit is £250

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Thanks for all the replies, I understand that it isn’t a problem with Monzo.

BUT, I’ve just had this happen AGAIN, the second time in 9 days.
This is very unusual, I’ve not been using my card any more either.

Has this happened to anyone else or have I just been unlucky?

It happens every £100. You can read more about it below or as mentioned switch to using Google or Apple Pay :slight_smile:

Thank you Ordog!

Will all banks be following this? I’ve spent more on Natwest and I’ve not had it yet.

I really dislike this feature at present, esp. with the contactless amount being £45-, this is likely to happen at least once a week.

Yep they all need to comply. The first paragraph of that article states the 14th September but I don’t know if that’s a deadline or not :man_shrugging:

Thanks! Just read up!

Starling have a £135- limit so I wonder if it can be flexible.

Apparently its an EU rule, maybe the UK can change this come next year then :).