Disputed transaction

Hi I ordered a product online on 30th August which has not arrived. I initiated a disputed transaction and waited 12 weeks - the initial information said I would hear by December but the date has now changed to 29th January.
The transaction is for £30.02 to Aiytech
The company are now ignoring my messages.
Can you help?


We, the community, can’t, however, if you search for “contact us” and then reach out to Monzo via in App chat, they may be able to assist.

Good luck.

Thank you that’s what I thought I was doing :weary:.
I can’t find the chat on the App

This is just a community full of monzo customers and others. Not monzo.

If you follow the guide in my previous post you should find it.

Yes I have thank you :pray:

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Glad to be of service :grin:

Usually another 30 days is added when the company you’re complaining against disputes your claim and provides evidence to contradict what you’re saying. Monzo will be able to tell you for certain though.

In the mean time I’d keep trying to resolve the matter with Aiytech because this is by far the quickest and easiest way.

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