Disjointed chat responses causing mega frustration!

Genuinely surprised saying someone should be poked in the eye was not flagged, but my post for saying they should be fired was. Assault is ok it seems.

I actually had a similar issue with renewing my domain yesterday :thinking: neither monzo nor curve (linked to monzo) worked, but it might have just been Namecheap’s payment processor since they both failed with a message saying that there was an invalid response :man_shrugging: ended up paying with PayPal instead

Neither is right, but nor would I flag either. Whoever did is also welcome to argue the point

It’s fine to be annoyed, or to argue for a change, and they may, but suggesting punitive action is hardly the way to win people around

Also experiencing similar problems like this. Its so annoying!!

I laugh now when I get a message. ‘Let me escalate this so a specialist’
They really need to work on first contact resolution.

They really don’t :scream:

I don’t want a “jack of all trades” messing with my finances. I dread to think of the damage someone could do because they’ve tried to learn and remember absolutely everything about banking.

Direct my issue to an expert in that field so they can fix it with minimal collateral damage any day :slight_smile:

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You’d think working for a bank you’d be able to help with someone’s direct debit but apparently it’s a specialists job… I then got the pleasure of waiting for 48 hours for said specialist. :see_no_evil::man_shrugging:t3::thinking:

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The issue I take:

Many people are raising absolute crap :poop: to the chat system that does not belong there. This forum is the place for many of the questions I see some people have raised (they then raise it or disclose it here anyway! :man_shrugging:), and some of the queries people have said they raised should just not be raised at all (trying to get extra info on something from staff following a Monzo forum post was one I saw recently - presumably thinking a response will be quicker there?)

Monzo appear to be under-staffed for the volume of queries coming through, but the pitfalls of having such an easy contact solution is that it’s too easy to contact. It’s too far removed from what feels like human contact. Would you really have called Lloyd’s to report a bug :bug: somewhere?

Monzo need to get a handle on this, but not necessarily in the way people expect them to - there needs to be a more practical balance of friction to create a sustainable solution and business. I’ve always felt the help screen is clunky - it takes seconds for hot topics to appear by which time you can scroll to the bottom and not even realise they’re there. I’m a fan of bots employed to weed out the rubbish, but they’ve got to be good bots (and this is indeed possible), and people do need to be able to easily get help if they simply don’t hit the mark.

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I guess it depends on what the issue is. They can cancel, help you set them up or answer general questions but if there is an error, then that absolutely needs a payment specialist.

Have you seen some of the technical jargon that some of the staff from that department come out with on here? I consider myself to be tech savvy but this is another level. And to expect a customer service operator to understand this and everything else, in my opinion, is asking far too much…


I just had this message. Who and what do Specialists do? Hope I don’t wait hours for an answer as I be leaving Monzo :grimacing:

Depends on the issue really


There’s a strong case IMO for making COPs people pick up all conversations again the next day and carry them to completion - certainly unresolved ones like this should never be auto-closed. Unless they are off for a day, in which case they need a formal handover process which passes ownership. I think customers would really appreciate the personal touch - having lots of agents come and go without ownership just increases frustration.

At present it feels like any random person jumps in and answers any query in isolation without context and there is no incentive to deal with long running issues.

The common thread here is the lack of continuity and accountability for customer support.


Used Paypoint to deposit cash and receipt says successful but my Monzo just says Declined and not showing the deposit. Waiting now since yesterday for some help and rang number on card but told get help on chat :rage: