Discover balance without phone


My handset bricked yesterday and I am waiting for a warranty replacement. Is there anyway I can discover my balance without the app?

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Yes there is, it’s a bit techy but if you log into the developer’s playground via then select Show Balance, then Send - that’ll give you your balance, from the API :slight_smile:

I expect you could also email the support team via to check it too.


Great, sorted! Thanks


It would be good to check via an ATM but when I tried at a CashZone ATM outside an East of England Co-operative food store it just displayed the balance as ???.?? which was a bit odd!

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Sounds like that’s because these are prepaid cards then :wink:

I’m guessing that this will be fixed once Monzo has set up the current accounts & / or is issuing debit cards instead.

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