Accessing my balance

I have a Monzo card, I do not know how to access my account which has funds in it , I would like to be able to see my balance

Do you have the app installed on your phone? Are you having issues logging in?

You must have the app installed in order to signup for the card. Have you tried opening the app?

I have the app, but I just can access any information. The card works as I have used it for the first time just now. But I put £200 into the account yesterday and I wanted to check it was there. Please help?

Are you logged into the app? What happens when you launch the app?

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Can you login into the web access via a computer & browser?; (use the same email you used to sign up for Monzo)
This will allow you to see your balance.

If you can do this, and all looks OK, then you can move on to try & get the Monzo app working on your device.