Use of Monzo card in ATM - other than cash withdrawal

Today I tried checking my balance at an ATM (useful if your phone battery flat or you leave your phone at home or send it for repair. It was an ATM at a East of England Co-operative store (not part of the main national Co-op) and it showed:
Balance ???
Available Balance ???
(just question marks not amounts)
and my phone bleeped and showed I had used an ATM…but why did it not show my balance on the ATM? Was it a problem with the ATM or the ATM provider or is it some odd decision on Monzo’s part?

I have changed a card PIN at an ATM before (a different machine brand) so know you can do more than just take cash so can you also use the Donate To Charity option on an ATM (where this is available)?

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I think it was an atm problem. Can you try an actual banks atm

none of the ATMs in my town are bank ones as no longer any bank branches in my town or the towns to the north and south. Will check again next time I go in to a city.

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