Cannot Check Balance at ATM (renamed topic)

I’ve recently noticed that I cannot check my balance at ATM’s.

Sometimes I travel with just my work phone which doesn’t have the Monzo app installed.

When I noticed it wasn’t working I tried Lloyd’s, HSBC, couple of Link machines and NatWest

Is this something that Monzo have disabled?

You can use on any device to check your balance.

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I can and appreciate the response but I was asking if anyone knows why ATM balance checks don’t seem to be working

Could it be because it costs Monzo money every time this happens, so it’s been disabled?

Or maybe it just doesn’t work on some ATMs.

I saw the option at an ATM last week but didn’t try it. I assume that since the option was there it would work

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I’ve just realised that’s something I’ve never had to do with Monzo. Had never thought about it before!

Will try it next time I’m at an ATM


I’ve never noticed this.

When you go to an ATM can you see the option to see the balance (and it just doesn’t work) or that the option just isn’t there?

Me neither.

I’m wondering if it has ever worked with Monzo. Could it be a Link network thing or am I talking out my arse?


Some give me the option and then give an error, and some don’t show the option. I assumed it was operator specific. I’ll grab a photo next time I try

You sound like Matt Hancock!

I have never flagged anything other than spam before, but the line has now been crossed.


Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever checked my balance at an ATM with Monzo.

All I can input in this is that G4S branded ATM’s do not accept Monzo cards for anything

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It’s off-topic but I’d guess they don’t support MasterCard.

Just checked my balance at a Halifax ATM. Worked fine, even got a notification in-app saying where the balance check took place


Did you withdraw cash at any of those machines? Maybe your card is broke.

Checked mine at lunch in a Santander one and it worked too :+1:

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Sounds like my card might be faulty

Thanks for checking though, I’ll check again and report back :blush:


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