Can't check balance at ATMs

(James Keane) #1

Hi guys,

I have tried on a few different ATM machines, but have never been able to see my available balance, is this a bank-wide problem, or just me? When I get a receipt, it says balance unavailable, and if I try on screen balance, I’m told my card is faulty and to contact my bank service provider.

If anyone could shed some light, that would be great!


(Emma (still not the app)) #2

I don’t normally check my balance at the atm or get a receipt since it’s in app but I have accidentally picked that option a couple of times and it’s been fine. I assume they are all mastercard ATMs and you’ve been able to get money out?

(James Keane) #3

Yes, thats correct, always been able to withdraw money from the machines. I’ve never noticed it before until I was without a phone for the past week due to it been in for repair, I just found it a little odd. Thanks for the reply!

(Emma (still not the app)) #4

I think it would be best to start an in app chat so they can look into it. It definitely sounds odd

Also you can check your balance if you have no access to your phone on

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(Kate 🌈) #5

Mine has always worked fine at ATMs. Perhaps the machine is right and the card actually is faulty, in which case contact Monzo for advice!