Discourse doesn't allow receive-only addresses

To combat spam, many people use wildcard domains, plus addressing or Gmail dots. Unfortunately Discourse doesn’t allow for this meaning any email replies to threads and PMs bounce instead of working correctly. Anyone using these methods should be able to authorise additional send-from addresses to enable these protections but not lose out on core functionality.

One for the discourse forum perhaps?

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Yeah I managed to find this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/additional-email-address-per-user-account-support/59847

Can I message an admin to get them to run this command for my account?

You can try @cookywook , I’m guessing he’s your best bet.

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@cookywook please can you enable this setting on my account.

It doesn’t look like this is something we can support right now. And we don’t host Discourse ourselves so I’d have to contact them to sort this for you.

If it’s really important, I can look into it for you. But it might take a while, I’m afraid.

Why not use a specific, unique plus address for your account on this forum (e.g. jph+monzoforum@domain.org)? That’s what I do, then you have the advantage that if Discourse gets hacked and your email is leaked, you can turn it off without affecting other accounts, but you also don’t have problems the forum not recognising your address.

That’s exactly what I do and why this is an issue. It means users have to add an out-going address to my mailserver for every single website I use which is simply not feasible for the multiple reasons given in that thread.

Discourse have acknowledged it’s a valid use case and a flaw to not allow it which is why they spent valuable developer time writing code and rolling out a way to fix it/

Thanks for the response. I had erroneously assumed you were self-hosting.

I guess if it’s not possible without self-hosting I’ll either have to wait until you switch or they add a token-based solution instead.

Please keep me up-to-date as I think this is the sort of security-conscious behaviour you’d want to encourage in your userbase :slight_smile:

The point is that you CAN’T do this with discourse.

I must be special, then, because that is exactly what I do :upside_down_face: