Bad idea so I scrapped it.

I’d hate this

I’d hate this. Terrible idea, unless you want to have your Monzo account details stolen if there’s a Discourse data breach

Good idea but not sure how

I think the IP ban is a thing already?

We’ve seen where that can lead with Reddit if abused


Not always.
You sign up with a email address correct? So they can just link it that way.

Nope. I have an email for general web stuff and one for the most essential things like banking. That way my everyday email is disposable and the other one is protected if there’s a data breach

Same for the mobile number – I avoid providing it wherever possible as I don’t want a million spam calls if it’s leaked

I’m keen for Community feedback on this :eyes:

Banning IP address is currently a thing and there’s certain terms which do get filtered, you might notice them if you try to say something rude (this is not an invitation to find out which words :eyes:)

Misuse of the report feature is something I think needs to be included within our Code of Conduct and would hope everyone would be on board with.


In the grand scheme of things, there’s been 1 or 2 in the last few years?

One was a duplicate that went. One is now being annoying and posting stupid things after being banned once. Just ignore/report and they’ll be gone soon enough. I don’t think there needs OTT measures for the 1%

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Agree with the above. Not really seeing much need for any new measures.

I can probably count around 3 from just this week alone that are new

IP bans are largely ineffective anyway, and are easy to circumvent. Most people are using shared ipv4 addresses, so banning those can actually be counterproductive.

This is bad security design. Bad for privacy too. A discord breach would be too telling if threat actors know to link the emails. Then some not very sophisticated social engineering will make light work of a few people and grant them access to your Monzo account.

It could also discourage people’s willingness to leave open and honest feedback and criticism out of fear of repercussions because there’s no privacy or anonymity.

As much as I support this, is it even reasonably enforceable?

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In discourse the moderator approves flags so if they disagree with a certain amount I can’t see it being difficult to revoke flagging permissions for those users.

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Someone want to give me an idea seen as though it’s been rudely edited :rofl:

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Oh yeah. I hate it when this happens.

Basically there are too many trolls, what suggestions can you think of to help clamp down on them.

Giving your name, phone number, blocking IPs were some of the suggestions.

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On what? They’ve deleted the original comment

Personally I think the 1st post should sit in an area awaiting moderation to see if it’s a real person or not, granted it’s not foolproof.

New users should be on a tight leash until they hit X amount of posts with no flags etc. Anything flagged up sets to like an auto ban which is then manually reviewed.

Oooh, people would be permanently autobanned waiting for Coral Crew

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Need to give them something to do and earn that badge :sweat_smile:

Off the back of this the same could be applied to posting abilities too.

If you get a certain amount of posts flagged within a short period then all future posts should be automatically hidden pending a review.

Again this related to a certain individual who has recently been banned and then just went round loads of topics posting their usual low quality comments and getting flagged endlessly.

I think that could be open to abuse – at the minimum it should be multiple flags from different people

Otherwise someone could just think “@Ordog is rude I’ll make them disappear” and flag your recent posts

Sounds good but to be flagged (so it’s hidden) it needs multiple people anyway.

But you make a good point, I don’t want to be flagged because being rude is a hobby of mine and I’d be lost without it :laughing:


Once he has his forum badge that will be a foregone conclusion so should be exempt from this for rudeness. That’s like punishing a puppy for being a puppy.

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