Is someone spamming the community?

There’s a lot of accounts popping up and then being anonymised?


I think the anon is either banned or self deleted?
But yeah I’ve seen around 7 today


Whoever on the coral crew is handling it, that’s some fine work. Sucks that you have to work on Easter Sunday though.

Hopefully you’ve got a big stack of chocolate nearby


Hats off to @Feathers for most of the effort, but I’ve picked up a few remainders myself

The answer to the OP is yes

Please do not engage with them, as it just leaves CC and admins with more posts to sort through. Thanks


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Didn’t you say just days ago, that you couldn’t delete accounts?

Emergency powers?

Well done Coral Crew for making the place nice for us users.


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We’ve not deleted any profiles, nor could we. We can do some tidying up of posts and we’ve done more of that today than usual. I hope the reasons why are understood in this case


Absolutely. Wasn’t criticism (for once :wink:) just curious


They’re probably deleting the accounts and resigning up using the same email etc etc

Don’t you have to ask Alan to delete your account?

Thanks for this thread though. Completely missed what’s gone on so to me it just looked like mods went on a Bond villain power trip to tarnish the community. Removed posts and locked threads left and right with little to no context.

Keep fighting the good fight, mods!

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I’m sure I’ve seen a red delete button somewhere.
Just tried searching myself but can’t find it now, I’m probably getting confused with another site.

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I suspect this. I know the other place has a delete button but could never find one myself on here.

There had been requests to enable self deletion of accounts, as enabled in the Dozens instance and swmi-automated at the other place

That’s not happened yet as far as I can tell, and maybe it could be abused a bit then. Though that goes for pretty much everything it seems


We can delete accounts

We all know that there can be issues with flagging at times, but do please report any other such accounts if and when they pop up. I’m off away from my phone for a bit and Mike has fought the good fight long and hard today, so we might be a bit CC light for a bit. Keep it clean!

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That’s what I saw too! That red button!

Is that on desktop? I can’t see it under the mobile view