A way to block users?


I do not mean to be hostile I try my best to be civil to everybody and to avoid sarcasm, unfortunately some people on this forum just plain upset me. Can we not implement some sort of tool To block certain users so that we do not Have to be subjected to their poor sarcasm or questionable wit. A bit like the Facebook feature. This would make me very happy as I do sincerely believe there are some vipers on this forum. I also believe it stifles conversation about competition or any other aspect. It really does ruin this forum when you can’t express yourself without being subjected to name-calling


In the settings under Notifications there is an option to mute users. All I have to do is type your user name in there and hey presto.


Thank you my friend I find you most helpful on any forum to where I encounter you. Thank you for your kind help


The community runs on Discourse so there is not the same flexibility as if Monzo had the community on their own software. You can view the community thru a browser or the Discourse app. I am not sure if the app has less or more options/settings…it may be worth a look.


The app, at least on iOS is just a web wrapper - completely useless if you ask me.



Please feel free to contact Monzo staff if you keep running into issues.

We don’t want this to be a hostile place. :slight_smile: