A way to block users?

I do not mean to be hostile I try my best to be civil to everybody and to avoid sarcasm, unfortunately some people on this forum just plain upset me. Can we not implement some sort of tool To block certain users so that we do not Have to be subjected to their poor sarcasm or questionable wit. A bit like the Facebook feature. This would make me very happy as I do sincerely believe there are some vipers on this forum. I also believe it stifles conversation about competition or any other aspect. It really does ruin this forum when you can’t express yourself without being subjected to name-calling


In the settings under Notifications there is an option to mute users. All I have to do is type your user name in there and hey presto.


Thank you my friend I find you most helpful on any forum to where I encounter you. Thank you for your kind help


The community runs on Discourse so there is not the same flexibility as if Monzo had the community on their own software. You can view the community thru a browser or the Discourse app. I am not sure if the app has less or more options/settings…it may be worth a look.

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The app, at least on iOS is just a web wrapper - completely useless if you ask me.


Please feel free to contact Monzo staff if you keep running into issues.

We don’t want this to be a hostile place. :slight_smile:


Going to bump this as I can’t seem to get it to work. Maybe I’ve configured it wrong? :man_shrugging:

If you do this, you still see all their topics appearing in the feed and when you click into them it just says ‘ignored content’ and you can toggle the appearance of it.

Same with comments in other topics. It says ‘ignored content’ with a toggle option.

So topics are not hidden at all and posts are still there too in some way. Is there not a way to properly block content from other users so I don’t see it?

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Certain topics I have to bite my tongue, open it up then change the notification item at the bottom (with the bell icon) to muted. As my default view is “latest” this stops those topics from appearing at all.


Yh there’s no way to actually not see the notification in a post that the content is hidden but at least the post with the link to open the given message is quite small so you can scroll past. Same with threads people start they are still there in the feed as such. I’m assuming Monzo can’t change this as it’s a 3rd party forum.

It’s there a way on getting discourse to add it to their code so that it becomes a feature on all the forums that use their software

You can join meta.discourse.org and raise a topic (or vote on one should it already exist)?

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Cheers I’ll check that out later

Yes, it’s quite silly functionality. Your blocked people aren’t blocked at all, the threads still pop up. And once I clicked I might as well see what it’s about. Curiosity I guess

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That’s a good tip thank you, I’ll give that a go.

I wonder if there is a better ‘user blocking’ module available for discourse that Monzo wouldn’t mind installing? :thinking:

I took a look at the forum and it’s seems to be something that they aren’t looking at activity, that been said you could probably get an add in written which does the same thing, not sure it would be a priority in fairness

I guess the trouble is that if you completely remove the ability to see the content of the blocked user then you lose any context for any replies to them.

That’s true, I suppose I could live with the comments. Their topics should at least be hidden though.

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It is annoying that full user blocking isn’t a thing. I’ve looked into it and a lot of people have requested it from Discourse, but they’ve said they don’t want to stifle conversation and discussion.

I’d argue that they’ve not seen some of the topics we’d prefer to block.


If you use Chrome or Edge, an extension shouldn’t be too hard to build(for a dev).

If I didn’t have so much on at work at the moment i’d take a look myself. If nobody’s done it by September then I’ll look into it

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That’ll be down to the Discourse software they use to drive the forum.

You can block them. Muted and blocked are two different settings :+1: