Direct Debit Notes

With payments, you can add a photograph, or a one-line note.

I would really like to be able to record some notes (multiple lines) such as account numbers, start and end dates, support telephone numbers, etc.
Would also be very nice to be able to leave multi-line notes instead of a single one-line note for entries in the card-payments view, but that’s an aside.
Currently clicking on a direct-debit literally pops open a dialog with a single button saying “CANCEL DIRECT DEBIT”, which is nice and all, but I’d like just a little bit more :grin:



The current implementation was only ever a bare minimum to make the preview useable I believe. When all CA features are supported, it’s at that point that these things will start to get some polish I think.


Yeah I figured that was the case, but since I didn’t find anything related to this in the list of planned or requested features, I thought I’d throw it in there.

Just in case. :crossed_fingers:

This is something my “old” bank (Lloyds) could never handle. It’s something I’ve wanted to see in my banking apps for years, but will simply never materialise. The ability to add a single “text note” against a payment is itself revolutionary in these people’s eyes, let alone adding a photo of a payment receipt to your banking app…

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I agree. I use a separate app for all that sort of stuff but I’m looking forward to Monzo rendering it at least partially redundant if they can introduce this sort of thing.

I’ve asked similar.

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There are certainly plans and designs for doing more here. As Tom said in his post quoted above, all the engineering time so far has been spent making Direct Debits actually work! :sweat_smile:

You might see this as a common theme for the rest of this year. The focus right now is on making sure our account works in as many places as possible and launching that current account to everyone. From there, you’ll start seeing more exciting features again. :soon: