Multiple direct debits due today not paid from monzo account [Resolved]

Has anyone else noticed direct debits due today not having been paid?

I’ve got 3 due to be paid today that show in the feed as due today but normally they’ve been collected early hours of the morning, they’re still greyed out in the feed and showing as not paid yet.

I’ve sent support a message in the app to ask, I’ve had it once before where direct debits weren’t sent until later in the day, but when one is a mortgage payment I get nervous!


Normally it’s early hours of the morning but it can be later. Nothing to worry about

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Having the same issue also.

Thanks, support just replied too and said they can see they’re being processed and should come out today but to get back in touch if they don’t.

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I had a standing order that should have gone in the early hours of tuesday morning, but didn’t fire until around 7am. Something seems to have slowed down at monzo with SOs and DDs.

Not just today!
Yesterday as well.
It does happen from time to time.
I think we are so used to the 3am tone or vibration (unless on silent) that we naturally get worried in situations like this.
I can’t find the exact link but they have up to 3pm to take it out of the account.

Yap :sweat_smile:

My rent SO didn’t trigger until 6.26 am yesterday :snail:

If that would delay for a few more hours , my Landlord would contact me with a question “why rent is not paid?” :pig2:

You have to pay it by a specific time?

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1st time I’ve heard of rent must be due by certain time, it’s usually must be paid on X date

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I have to pay on specific day, 1st of the month. And Landlord knows I set up a SO :jigsaw:

As it was a working day, we expect it not to be late tbh :racehorse:

Well, obviously, if someone has to pay you on X day, and in the morning you still don’t see it, something may be not right, duh :grin:

No not at all, I’d use common sense and wait until the day is over. I wouldn’t be a bad landlord… Duh


Exactly. Sounds like a very pushy landlord


Well it’s 9am and still no change which “feels” wrong as a customer as I’m so used to them all being sent before the working day begins.

If it still hasn’t updated by lunch time I’ll reach back out to support. I guess as they’re direct debits I’m covered by the direct debit guarantee if something does go wrong.

I get that the day after a bank holiday there are probably a lot more direct debits to process but I’d still expect them to all have been sent before 9am.

Will update here once they’ve left my account or if I have to reach back out to support.

I came here to ask the same thing. None of the Direct Debits due to come out today have gone through as normal. 07:12 and they’re still sitting there as grey/pending for today. Glad it’s not just me.

I wouldn’t waste your time TBH.

Support are going to say that they’re working on it/no idea of a problem and before they can tell you it’s fixed, you’ll get the notification to say they’ve been paid.

I reached out to support as the same thing happened to me and they said someone from the payments team will get in touch within 8 hours… let’s see what happens!

Direct debits are part of the BACS cycle?
They will be shown cleared by 3pm?

They just came out now!

I agree. One of my three just went out so looks like they’re just a little behind today but they’re going through.