Direct Debits Incorrectly Predicted when multiple with same Provider

I have a direct debit with PayPal, as well as two recurring payments for another service via PayPal. When the first recurring payment is made, the direct debit is no longer counted as part of the ‘left to spend’ prediction, presumably because the app is assuming the recurring payment is the direct debit.

Details to reproduce:
Set up a direct debit with some provider, to be taken on some date.
Set up a subscription with the same provider, to be taken earlier than the first date.
After the subscription is paid, the direct debit is not predicted as part of the ‘left to spend’ value.

iOS 15.1.1

iPhone 12 Pro Max

App Version:
4.14.0 #798

Because this takes place over the course of the month I haven’t got screenshots to show the issue but hopefully it can be reproduced fairy trivially.

If the vendor is using the same data for both direct debits, there really isn’t anything monzo can do, since they’re simply identical transactions coming in at an irregular schedule… the fix is for the DD to be labelled for each purpose coming from the vendor, but good luck getting them to do that…

The vendor is annoyingly using the same reference, you’re right.

My expectation/solution would be to sum all payments with the same ref (that the user has marked as recurring) made during a given period and predict that total each period.

It’s always done this and been mentioned before. All you can do is use a pot to have that DD come from it and just put the amount which is required every month / week.