[Android] Duplicate predicted direct debit


I’ve just spotted my Three direct debit has been predicted twice during the next pay cycle. It looks to be due to there being a 31st this month?


Details to reproduce:

Difficult to say




Pixel 2 XL

App Version:



See above

Actually, it looks like they have different references, one last being paid on the 31st of August and one the 1st of October. I don’t remember a new direct debit being setup. I’ll remove the repeating flag from the first one and hope for the best!

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Have you recently used CASS or anything? Three usually set up a new DD after CASS

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Yep, a few of months ago, long enough so that both mandates have been used already :neutral_face:. I’m going to wait for this month’s payment and then cancel the unused DD to avoid any further duplication :+1:

If you open each direct debit then the reference number at the bottom is your three account number with a 2 digit number - highest one will usually be the active one!