Subscriptions/repeating payments (summary predictions) keeps breaking

Issue: This has now happened for a 2nd time since January for recurring subscriptions which are paid by CPA rather than Direct Debit.

This month (and same in January) both my Netflix payment and also Urban Jungle Insurance payment have started new subscriptions/repeating payments instead of being aligned with previous months.

This is despite the merchant info at the bottom of both being the same for this months payments and the previous payments.

It is causing both to be counted twice in Summary predictions and also in scheduled payments, with the scheduled payments screen showing the estimated date for the duplicate Netflix sub as 2nd not first, because it thinks there has been a delay to payment being taken, when in fact it already has but has been categorised into a new repeating payment for some reason by Monzo.

I never had issues with this previously but now it’s happened twice in space of 3 months.

To “fix” it I have to turn off the repeating payment from March’s payments and leave it on the new repeating payment from this month’s payments to avoid the duplication.

Also the Urban Jungle Insurance logo is still showing as the logo for a cafe called Urban Jungle - nothing to do with the insurance company, and the logo for the correct company was being used until March.

Details to reproduce: issue occurs when next monthly payment is taken
OS: :apple: iOS 15.4.1
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 4.24.0


this also happened to me today for the first time on andriod and funny ennough with netflix

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Not just iOS then - I’ve removed iOS from the topic title in that case :slightly_smiling_face:

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def one to keep an eye on for sure , i also deleted one of the netflix payments so hopefully thats sorted it

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I have urban jungle (shoutout!) and haven’t had this, but will keep an eye out

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Do your Urban Jungle payments show the logo for the insurance company or the cafe/plant nursery lol?

Correct logo:
Twitter: @MyUrbanJ

Incorrect company/logo:
Twitter: @UrbanJungleNS

Twitter: @MyUrbanJ

That one

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I dunno why I get the logo for the cafe on mine for the last few months then :joy: :person_shrugging:

Is this because the Netflix price changed? Just remove the old and add the new repeating payment.

no mines is still the same price as it was last month

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Nope the price isn’t changing for me until next month.

My urban jungle is pending, just 1 subscription

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My monthly payment to Patreon just doubled up in the subscriptions list too.

Something’s gone screwy with the subscription detection.


My Patreon sub did it in January with Netflix etc too so if yours has done is this month I expect mine will in next couple of days when it comes out too. Somethings definitely up with the system at the moment.

My Patreon payment has been taken today and it duplicated the subscription too :man_facepalming:

So all my card subscriptions (as opposed to direct debits) this month have not been detected properly in the app. Definitely something gone wrong. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in time for next month.

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My Patreon subscription went down for some odd reason.

@monzo2018 That’s just outside of Norwich - got a lovely café there.


I forgot I still had one more card subscription for the month yet to come out… Apple.
It’s been taken today, and disappointingly has also broken the repeating payment/summary predictions.

Like with the other subs, I’ve had to switch off the repeating payment from last months Apple subscription payment and set it up as new on this one.