Direct Debit Showing 2 Working Days Before

I’m not sure if I’m just being slow but Monzo now appears to show Direct Debits 2 working days before they are taken.

I have 2 DDs due to be taken on Tuesday and they appear at the top of the app now. It’s not a Bank Holiday on Monday and it’s not showing as a non processing day on the BACS calendar either.

I thought it was interesting… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just noticed that today aswell, I have a Bacs payment arriving in my account but didn’t realise it’s for Tuesday and tried to claim it early.

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Get paid really early :soon: :thinking:



Is that image showing the upcoming payment notification as of today?

Took the screenshot about 5mins before posting. Not sure when it first appeared

So what, you can claim bacs payment 2 days ealier rather than 1 day early

It’s so weird, I am meant to get paid on Tuesday and I can see my salary coming in today and I can claim it? How is that possible that early? :thinking:

So you can claim the salary on day 1 of the bacs cycle rather than day 2… That’s weird. Will wait and see what happens next week with my wages

This must be a very recent change. I got paid on Friday, I took it at 4pm on Thursday but it wasn’t there on weds like you guys are seeing.

Same here. The next expected incoming is Friday, so lets’s see if I can claim it on Wednesday.

Yeah, this seems very recent indeed. I’m hoping it’s not just a bug :joy:

Showed up as normal last Tuesday so will see what happens this week

If this is a bug please don’t fix it yet :grin:

Maybe this thread should be deleted, so it its a bug, monzo don’t hear about it😂

I mean, I’m sure one of them will notice pretty soon anyway :sweat_smile:

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Might be a plus feature and someone accidentally released it to all


We noticed :wink:

Can people update if they receive the pay at 4pm today which would be 2 days earlier. Would be interesting to find out

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Nobody will be able to receive their payment at 4pm today. Sorry! :see_no_evil:

Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix which will mean the transaction widget will soon disappear and will reappear on Monday as expected :+1:

As for Direct Debit notifications popping up earlier than expected, they’ll still be taken on the day you’d expect :100: but the team will be reviewing that behaviour too (next week) :slight_smile: