Direct debits not showing in scheduled payments section

I’m new here all. Just switched the majority of my direct debits from my HSBC to my Monzo account on the suppliers’ side, which seems to have been processed successfully. Although, it doesn’t seem to show on the app in the scheduled payments section. It says that I need to make a bank transfer in order to arrange repeat payments, i.e. direct debits. Anyone have an idea or has been successful despite it not being displayed in this area in the app?


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Hi! How long ago did you switch them? With some of the worst ones they warn you it can take up to 30 days to fully switch the direct debit.

For most of them it took probably around a week or two to show up on my scheduled payments list, but at least one took several weeks which I am certain was due to them submitting the information as late as possible (credit card looking to win a late payment fee).

These are the muddy waters we tread when there is no CASS support yet. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Thanks a lot for your response, I was unaware of it taking so long. I did them on Thursday and Friday, so I’ll give them a chance to come through. Hopefully they’ll clear before they are due for payment; most of them come out at the beginning of each month.

Direct Debits are not instant to set up. Banks can request up to 2 weeks before a new direct debit is set up on your account. Monzo are hopefully quicker than traditional banks though. Its why most companies won’t let you set up a direct debit for a payment due within the 2 week window, they will set it up for the one after that one.

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