Direct Debit repeating payment setting

Can we have some more options other than daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I am sure quarterly and half yearly would be useful. I for one pay DVLA on a 6 monthly basis not monthly.

I will now have to turn it off as a repeating payment so it stops predicting it every month.


(Did you mean Standing Order instead of Direct Debit?) :yum:

You’ll be happy to hear that you’re not the only one who wants this! Furthermore… Monzo have heard you all and want to implement this :wink::tada:

From their “Big List” :smiley:

Improving recurring payments

Managing your regular payments should be easy, and flexible enough to fit in with your life. We want to:

  • Help you set up more flexible standing orders — Right now you can make standing orders that repeat daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. But we’ll add the ability to make them repeat at other regular intervals, like every four weeks for example.

No, I knew this might cause confusion. I mean the screen below that shows for each direct debit.



Aha! Nah it’s ok, that’s my bad for making assumptions :wink:

I take back what I said :innocent: Not sure how often that’s been mentioned, hopefully Monzo can make it happen :monzo: :hot_coral_heart:

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Android has this so I’d hope iOS get it soon :blush:

On Android you get two fields to select. One being day, week, month and year. The other being a number.

The functionality is definitely there, I imagine iOS doesn’t have that UI feature so something custom has to be made? 🤷

I imagine the post @nexusmaniac linked would be part of that.


Thank you.

I have a rarely used Android phone, I will log into Monzo on there and set the repeat schedule up there and then log out.