More Flexible Subscriptions


Can we please get an option to have subscriptions for recurring payments that can be selected to happen every x number of weeks, months etc? Reading some of the other posts it sounds like this might be on the Android app already. Can we get it on IOS please?

This would help with payments I have that occur every 2 weeks, every 2 or 3 months etc.



Hi @pmccready, I can see that no one got back to you on this so I thought I’d chime in! I’m not sure I understand what your suggestion is – what do you mean about subscriptions for recurring payments?

Hi Yen

If I have a recurring bill/cost and I chose to setup a subscription, the only options I have to schedule it is daily, weekly or monthly. However I have payments that recur every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every 2 months, every 3 months etc. Currently there is no way to tell Monzo to about these so they don’t appear in committed spending, making budgeting more difficult.

Does that make sense?

ps. from reading the forums, some people are saying on the Android app you can do this as you can choose to set your subscription to recur every x number of weeks or months. However on the IOS app, the only options are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

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It’s been raised a few times now and as you say certain Android phones seem to have much more granularity but not all of them. I’ll see if I can find an official response!

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Hi @pmccready!

Gotcha – that makes sense, and it’s definitely useful feedback. As for now, however, I actually haven’t been able to find the ability to set payments for intervals other than the usual day/week/month/year:


I don’t know whether the Android app varies from phone to phone, though. Is that what you meant here, @glasgow?

Hey all.

I have a subscription that comes out once every 2 weeks and i’d like to get that added to summary/predicted payments, but so far the only options are weekly, monthly, daily or yearly. Could bi-weekly be added? Or some kind of custom option?


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Great idea, I have two payments that come out twice a month.

Merged this in to this thread, it’s been asked quite a few times, really hope we see it soon as well!

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Thanks Andy

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Hi @yen, looks like you’re showing the Scheduled Payments screen whereas I think the OP is talking about Subscriptions or Committed Spending.

Here’s the options side by side. On iOS, I only get:

Whereas on Android I get a lot more options:

Making Android much more flexible. This is particularly the case because my Harry’s Shaving Subscription is once every 5 months. My main device is an iPhone X, seems odd I have to switch to my work Android phone for certain functions to work correctly!


Thanks, Daniel. This is something we’d like to work on soon - so stay tuned!


Any update as to when this might appear on iOS please? Need to schedule subscriptions for every 5 weeks and every 6 weeks. Thanks!