Regular two weekly payment

Hi, I have searched but couldn’t find the answer - how do I set up a regular payment every two weeks please?


Currently the only option is to create a standing order but the schedule for repeating (on andoid anyway) is weekly or monthly. Not sure if a live chat can be done to setup a different payment frequency.

You could set up two monthly standing orders to the same account, one starting 14 days later than the other.


That’s really clever!

Yes I did think of that, but it wouldn’t actually be every two weeks, as it would come out on say the 3rd and the 17th of each month, because months have generally 30 or 31 days. I need it to be every 14 days, every other Monday (for paying my cleaner)

I’ve already done this for same problem. Cleaner comes every two weeks - so I’ve set up two standing orders 14 days apart. Works perfectly.

Would prefer more granular control over standing orders but it’s a workaround for now.


No surely that doesn’t work - if you set a standing order up for the 14th of the month a Monday, and there are 30 days in the month, four calendar weeks, 28 days would be the 12th of the following month not the 14th. The 14th would be 30 days so it would be a Wednesday not a Monday

It definitely works!

SO one: first payment out on 1st repeating monthly
SO two: first payment out on 15th repeating monthly

The weeks are the constants, not the dates.

Ok I’ll give it a try…

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I think this is the iOS/Android issue

@gw100 are you on iOS? The android one lets you do fortnightly. The iOS doesn’t… and I suspect @tomsr has Android


Ok thank you so much… I just wanted confirmation that what I was trying to do wasn’t possible :slight_smile:

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It is possible… on Android… however it’s not common knowledge that there’s differences in how the apps perform and until now no one has confirmed their apps so I’m just speculating here…

I have iOS.

If you follow my instructions, it will work.

I’ve had it set up for weeks.

You’re welcome! :wave:


Interesting. I have iOS and it doesn’t let me. Are you on TF version?

Keep it friendly please guys, we’re all trying to help each other find the solution here.

Ok perhaps I phrased it wrong.

Follow these instructions:

First payment out on 1st then to get the payment covered to come out every two weeks, set up ANOTHER standing order with first payment out on 15th. Both are set up as MONTHLY.

I’ll adjust my original post to make it clearer.


I appreciate you can set up two standing orders but it doesn’t help :sob:

Can you explain why not? I’m failing to understand. Maybe that’s because it’s getting late :see_no_evil:.

Hopefully Monzo will add more granular controls soon?