Direct Debit list - is it in the right place?

(Chris Lavender) #1

I’ve been using the current account preview for a week or two now, with no major issues. I did decide to put a Direct Debit on the account and see how that goes, looks to have set up without incident.

One thing I’m not sure of, however, is where this DD shows in app… Under the ‘spending’ tab.

Surely, it would make more logical sense to place it in the ‘Payments’ tab? Currently, not much else shows there!

What’s people’s thoughts on this, where would you have a SODDs and RTs list in the app?

(Hugh) #2

Well, you do get a list of a load of people you’ve paid :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, forgive my ignorance but what are those?

(Chris Lavender) #3

SODDs - Standing Orders Direct Debits
RTs - Recurring Transactions

Yeah, I’ve not.made a bill payment to anyone yet. So that makes sense.

(Hugh) #4

You get those in the “spending” tab too :slight_smile:


What confused was SODDs instead of SO, DDs or SO and DDs. It made two different things look like one. Thanks for clarifying


+1 for putting it in the payments tab, also as a normal list instead of a separate view.

(Chris Lavender) #9

Yeah, I get that. It’s just it would make more sense in my head if my regular payments were all in payments instead of spending.

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