Direct Debit location in the App

Finally had a couple of Direct Debits show up in the app, however I was expecting to see them in the Payments tab, however they appear to be tacked on to the Spending tab which I’d always associated with payments that have already occurred.

Is this to be the final place for these?


Similarly, clicking on the direct debit entry I’d assumed would take me to a page, similar to merchants, that listed all the transactions for that DD. Then giving the ability to cancel. Rather than the click and cancel that it is.

The spending section is going to be changed to Breakdown

I’m guessing you’d see direct debits under “Committed”

There are a few threads about this so @alexs may merge this with the other topics, but no it’s not final, it’s just a placeholder. I was very confused the first day I used the account and set up a standing order then thought it was just simply not shown anywhere. They wanted to get the basic app out and people using the account while they work on the full features to be ready when they roll it out to everyone later this year.

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Ah cool, feel free to close this as we await newer versions of the app :wink:

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