Direct Debit list


The Direct Debit list order appears random, is there any logic to it? I think the last direct debit added appears at the top (under the standing orders), but I’m not sure.

Will they get ordered differently in the future - i.e. the last direct debit paid appearing at the top, or just a simple A-Z ordering?


How about the ability to drag your DDs to re-order them? I often have my own specific reasons for wanting to group some things together which might not make sense to someone else. Being able to re-order at will would be so very very nice.


I’d be happy with alphabetical order and the ability to click on them for further details like the reference number, and last paid amount and date.

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It’s in the order the Direct Debits were created. I know the order I moved my DDs over to Monzo and it reflects that order.

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And it appears that they stay in that order even when a payment is claimed.

as an addition to these - are there any plans to extend the abilities around DDs? (I didn’t want to create a new topic)

ie viewing payment information like last amount, last time was debited rather than just clicking on it giving you the option to cancel it.

can’t find anything about upcoming things for DDs…

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Yes, the user-interface has been a bit neglected so far - we were initially focussing on ensuring the money moved correctly!

There’s a tonne of useful stuff we should be able to do with Direct Debits, standing orders and recurring card payments. @Jami is the Product Manager who’ll be focussing on this.


Priorities are fine by me :ok_hand:

I’ve just noticed that mine are now alphabetically ordered.

So they are, well spotted!

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Mine are not :thinking:

I just checked after seeing this topic. I could have sworn mine weren’t alphabetical yesterday. They are today.
Now for Monzo to tick off name editing. 2018?

Mine are not - Maybe iOS/Android difference :man_shrugging:
Doesn’t really matter if it’s alphabetical or not tbh. Mine are as they were set up…


Quite possibly, it’s Alphabetical on my iPhone 8 but not my Samsung S6.

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