Direct Debit Indemnity - How?

Very new to Monzo and first post on here, so be gentle! But I’ve just moved my entire banking to Monzo and there’s been a Direct Debit issue, and the organisation (Sky) have advised me to request a Direct Debit Indemnity from my bank, to reverse the money taken. (Wrong amount and wrong day, total mess up)

How do I do this myself on the app, or do I need to speak/ chat to a member of the team?

Speak to in app chat :slight_smile: there’s currently a long wait for support at the moment. But if your query is urgent they will get back to you ASAP.

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I sent a message this morning and waited about 20 minutes but had to go to work. How long is a “long” wait? Thanks for your help!

there’s no time limit when they will reply tend to be long when there’s busy periods

It could be a day or so before you hear back from Monzo at the moment.

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If I send a message in the chat (which I’ve not tried since today) but I think close the app on my iphonme, does the chat stop? Do I need to keep my phone open, on that chat, etc?

No, you can close the app down - you’ll get a notification from Monzo once they’ve replied to you (if you’ve got push notification enabled for Monzo) - and you can just hop back into the chat through the help section.


Thanks, I sent one at 7:45am and no reply still. Putting me off using Monzo tbh, it’s a lovely idea/ concept until you need to speak to someone.


Chat has been slow for a while, but they are really ramping up the hiring of new support staff at the moment.

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If you really really really need to speak to someone, there is a customer services number on the back of your card.

However, Monzo do prefer the chat facility as you are mostly authenticated at that point (so they can check your account details without you having to answer strange questions such as ‘how old are you’ and ‘what is your star sign’: actual questions posed to me by another bank last Friday!), they can handle your query to the correct person quickly, there is a full log accessible to all parties about what was said and agreed, and if any information needs to be looked up/others consulted you aren’t forced to sit there and listen to hold music - just get on with your day and they’ll notify you in app when there is a reply.

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If you need the money back urgently, Mark the request as ‘urgent’ and Monzo will get back to you within around 30 minutes.

If you just need to invoke the guarantee, it’s not really urgent and does it matter if it takes a couple of days?

Appreciate normally I’d wait for a reply, but is 5+ hours normal? A day? A week? I have no previous experience of this.

Agree, not urgent at all. All I wondered was if this can be done myself and if via chat, what is a normal wait time? I’m currently north of 5 hours but that may be perfectly normal.

I’ve waited a couple of days, and I agree Monzo would prefer this to be a lot quicker, but my issues have not been urgent and I don’t particularly care if it takes that long.

I find that the COps are so empowered to solve most queries in one hit that the issue is usually solved straight away, so I find that offsets the delay somewhat.


Unless you need the money now don’t worry too much about it; the Direct Debit Guarantee has no time limit as far as I’m aware so it’s no big deal even if it takes them a couple of days to reply (not saying that’s acceptable, but this is how it is until Monzo fixes the customer service backlog). From my experience once someone looked at my message it took maybe an hour to get the money back into my account.


I think you would need a pretty quick response as I’m sure the payment can only be recalled on the same day? @Rika ?

The Direct Debit Guarantee applies and you can dispute a Direct Debit at almost any time. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, the bank pays you back and then it works in the background to recover the money for itself. A direct debit need not be disputed on the same day.


Totally agree, sending a message and no reply for 2/3 days is odd and just something to get used to. In this instance it is not a problem as very non-urgent but in future I hope they speed this up. Still no reply form 7:45am today.

I agree it’s not a great amount of time, but Monzo have been upfront they are suffering a backlog with the uptake of accounts and recruiting staff. No point making the enquiry about the amount of time it takes to get an enquiry sorted, if it’s not warranted.