Customer Service refused to uphold Direct Debit guarantee

So I paid off my Amex statement a few weeks back but the direct debit was not amended in time and the full amount taken. I contacted Amex to get this refunded and they suggested I ask Monzo to refund this under the Direct Debit guarantee who would in turn claim this from Amex.

The agent I spoke to at Monzo refused this and said it could not be done any quicker than about 3 weeks if they initiate a dispute (DD guarantee says refunds should be 24hrs). Eventually went back to Amex who have since sent me a cheque.

My question is how do I view the previous chats so I can use these as evidence as I’ve asked this be escalated to a complaint but nobody has even acknowledged this.

Counterintuitively you have to start a new chat, then you can scroll up and see previous chats.

I’d add that to the complaint if I were you.


Thanks, I suspect they haven’t even raised it as a complaint so I’ll contact them via chat and get screenshots while I’m there.

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Just to note, if a DD is not cancelled/amended in time and is then rejected/reclaimed via DD Guarantee, the credit card provider can sometimes mark it as a failed payment. Just in case you are a worrier like me and want to avoid potential hassle

Thanks for the info, I wouldn’t be too worried in that case as Amex customer service are infinitely better than Monzo and would rectify pretty quickly.

I’ve had to go the long way about it all and get a cheque from Amex which I now need to send to Monzo. Probably quicker to open Halifax account and use cheque imaging than wait another week or two.

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Thanks for reminding me of why I haven’t been getting paid into Monzo just as I decided to do so again :sweat_smile:


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