Direct debit “categories”

Hi guys,

So this is not that critical to my banking needs but it is frustrating me so if anyone knows how to sort it out I would be very appreciative!

I’ve tried to show on the screenshot the issue but I have 2 direct debits that never show as “bills” categories so they end up with their own section on my committed spending summary.

I’ve gone into the direct debits concerned and their category is “general” and all my other DD are bills. How can I change this?

Like I said, it really doesn’t matter if I can’t but it’s so frustrating!

Also my virgin media DD is showing as 5.60 this month but I know it’s not, it’s 29.50 which is affecting my spending amount left. Can you manually change the value of a DD?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have the ones that are showing as general been taken yet? I think you can change them afterwards and then it should keep them like that.

For the Virgin one, did you pay £5.60 last month? Or as a deposit or something? Monzo only guesses based on your previous payment, it will update once it knows it’s coming. You’ll get a notification to say “Your Virgin Direct Debit is more than last month” or something like that.


Hi, thanks for the super fast response. I actually went through last month’s DDs to the same companies and changed the categories and it’s now reflected in the upcoming for this month so thanks!

As for the virgin media one, last month was cheaper as I complained and got a credit so this month will be higher. I guess a workaround would be to remove the difference from my current account to a pot? Hopefully that will reduce my “available to spend” balance!

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