Direct Debits early payment as normal

Hi all,
Wonder if you could guide me? I have DirectDebit with Virgin that normally goes out every month but notice that it scheduled 4 days early for some reason?

Thanks in advance

Hi, and welcome to the community. I think you should raise this with Virgin in the first instance to find out why they’re requesting payment from the bank early. Had the billing cycle changed? Or perhaps it used to fall on a weekend and has therefore been always pushed back?

Monzo just tell you that Virgin requested the money from them but can’t see why

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Hi. Welcome.

Is it grey to tell you it’s coming soon?

This is nothing to do with Monzo, they don’t decide when you pay your direct debit. You need to speak to Virgin.

Thanks. I have written to Virgin but have had no reply as yet. Yes it is grey for 0300 tomorrow.


I always though DDs were requested like 3 days before the date anyway? Maybe it’s just showing early in your Monzo app, is it greyed out?

Thank you.



The thing is Monzo actually show the days it is scheduled to come out of the account?



That’s an approximation based on the date it usually leaves your account. Virgin might do something like set the billing date as the 20th working day (an example) and collect a few working days afterwards

If weekends, etc line up then the date can shift quite significantly

But again, you need to find out from them why

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Thanks will get back to the subject if and when Virgin contacts me. :+1: