Direct debits - quick query

So, NatWest have messed up all of my direct debits and I’m therefore currently transferring them all to monzo. I’ve requested they all come out on the first of the month… do I get warning before they come out? If so, is it the individual amounts or the full total? I’m going to put the money aside in a pot to start with but trying to work out the best way to do it x

I believe individual direct debits appear (greyed out) at the top of your feed one working day before they are due to be taken.

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You can also check when the DDs are set to leave your account by going to Payments -> Schedule - and then there is a list of the “Scheduled & Standing Orders” and a list of “Subscriptions and DDs”.

Usually your direct debits will show as due in a greyed box within 3 days of its due date at the top of your home page.

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All of the above it true :grin:

Including advanced notice if you’re going to be short and the option to retry failed direct debits too :boom:

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Perfect, thanks everyone. I had a look in the scheduled direct debits but assuming nothing will show up until the first direct debit will come out. X

If they’re not there, then it means they’ve not moved over yet.

You’ll get a notification that says “You’ve setup a direct debit for XXX” when each do :slight_smile:


@Monzo27 if it helps, all my direct debits come out on the 1st/2nd if the month too so I’ve set up a ‘Bills Pot’ and set regular payments into this pot to make sure I have enough at the end of the month to pay them all which I can easily monitor. I then set the Bills Pot to take out the correct amount to cover my direct debits on the last day of every month.

Works well for me so far.

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They only show up in schedule with a date and amount if they have been taken out already. They appear without a date or amount if it has been set up but not taken. My American Express direct debit has no date or amount as they have set up the direct debit but never taken it.

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