Different phone number

I changed my phone number. Now when I try to enter my account they send an sms to my old number so I cannot verificate my account.

Using Google, I found this:

But as you can’t login, I’d imagine you’re best contacting Monzo … send an email help@monzo.com and explain everything. :slight_smile:

Have you changed your email address as well? Monzo use email magic links for logging on to an account. I’ve never heard of them sending SMS messages in this situation before.

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If it’s asking you to verify your identity via SMS then you’re going through the signup flow - it might be a sign up from a long time ago!

It means that you’re not logging in with the email on your account, so you’ll need to try another email address.

If you can’t access that email or don’t remember what it is then email help@monzo.com. In the email include as much information as you can to help us locate your account (your new mobile number should help!) and include a selfie of you holding your ID.

We can then get you back in :pray:t3: