Different notification sounds for different actions

I wonder if it might be possible to have a different sound effect to play if a payment fails? Today I didn’t realise I was short of cash (a push notification would help) but the sound was the same so I assumed payment had gone through and I left. It would certainly help me and save embarrassment. Thanks.

Like when you get a question wrong on a quiz show.

Waaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :laughing:


Haha. Family Fortunes style



Completely agree with this. It can also be quite shocking when a Bill Split request comes through and it sounds like a payment has gone out of your account.

There should be different sounds for:

  • Successful payments.

  • Failed payments.

  • 3D Secure requests, Bill Split requests, money requests and Shared Tab reminders.

  • Other notifications (eg: not enough money for Direct Debit coming out tomorrow, Spending Reports, Travel Reports etc…).

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A difference between successful and failed is a good idea.

There are already different notification categories for different things, and I’d expect a lot of the other ones mentioned to come under extra or important… on the android app they are currently:

Spending reports
Tips and Tricks
Your Monzo