[Android] Custom notification sounds issue

When set custom notification sounds (phone settings > apps > monzo > notifications) for account credit and account debit when a non monzo account sends money it’ll play the account credit sound but when a monzo account holder sends money it’ll play account debit sound

  1. phone settings
  2. applications
  3. monzo
  4. notifications
  5. account debited
  6. sound
  7. select unique sound
  8. go back to notifications
  9. account credited
  10. sound
  11. select unique sound
  12. send cash via a monzo account to your monzo account (plays debited sound on recieving phone)
  13. send cash via non monzo account to your monzo account (plays correct sound of credited)

Android Version 9
Huawei P30 pro and all other android device currently I’ve tried on
Monzo V2.58.0