Unique Notification Sound for Declined Transactions

Just a minor one, could Monzo set a unique notification sound for declined transactions?

I’ve just had a delayed payment (from iTunes) declined, due to insufficient funds & obviously I need to top up, to prevent it being declined when it’s attempted later.

The normal change jingle sound was played though which didn’t draw my attention to the app, as much as a sound telling me that the transaction was declined would have.


We’ll be opening the extraordinary ideas board up for public submissions later this week. this should definitely go on there! :+1:


It’d be great to have a selection of sounds. Or custom sounds!

Then I can have the sound of Sonic The Hedgehog collecting a few rings every time I top up :smile:


Pacman death for declined transactions?


Could go as far as custom sounds for contactless, chip and pin, customer not present, ATM, magstripe and by value

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