Bringing in the use of different notification sounds

Was wondering if it would be possible to bring in the use of a different sound (specifically for the notification that a contactless payment didn’t work and that you need to use chip and pin). I was in the supermarket yesterday, admittedly in a big rush so I wasn’t paying attention to the screen, but took the usual “cha-ching” noise in my headphones as payment had gone through. It wasn’t until I was chased down by the guy overseeing the self checkouts did I realise that sound was for the “use chip and pin” notification. Would be a good to have some differentiation for those relying on the sound!

Think you mean didn’t, so may be worth an edit :+1:

Have voted in favour of your suggestion anyway.


You can already change the notification noises to pretty much anything you choose, go to zedge find a sound you like and set it up for your app.

That’s on android, I’m not sure what you guys on apple do.

Can you differentiate sound between type of notification that way then?

Yip, you sure can.

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You must be on iOS.

No such menu on my screen :frowning_face:

Lol, nope deffo on Android, I wouldn’t be so happy and carefree if I was unfortunate enough to only allow myself an :apple: thingy… :joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl:, I’m on a p30 pro but my previous s8 had a similar menu. :slight_smile:

What phone do you have?

Looking at those screen shots I thought one of you was looking in app settings and the other in phobe settings so I went looking. I never knew we’d gained that feature in Android, thanks for pointing me to it.

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Samsung S7

Yay, you’re right. Phone settings. Cool :+1:

Which notification would you use though for payment declined, which is what @Lennon is seeking?

Can’t seem to find that either within my app settings or within the phone settings. I am on iOS though :thinking:

Mmmmm, good point… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Sorry, No idea on the apple thingy, I guess you could treat yourself and upgrade to an android. :wink:

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