Dictatoric administration of this forum!

So I’ve just posted on the worst experience I’ve had ever with monzo. My post has been locked and I can’t even clarify or even add more details. The admin of this forum even “liked” a comment to my post which was addressing me personally with bad intentions.

If this forum will be one-sided, and I can’t complain about true bad experiences I’ve had with monzo, then what’s the use of this community forum? Can we have more professional administration here?

Please go and speak with Monzo directly rather than the digital equivalent of shouting out your grievances in the street. Thanks.


I did. They take ages to reply.

It was closed to quell what appeared to be the start of a fighting thread. Your complaints are valid but you were rather on the attack side.
This is a community forum, not actual support. There’s no need to get defensive with those of us here when they ask you a question related to your post.


I’m inclined to believe that your topic was temporarily locked for your benefit, given the likely responses you’ll get following your inflammatory tone.


Can you please point out where have I attacked anyone?

Somethings are more complex to investigate and therefore require some time to do so something I guess some people do not understand.

EDIT: Also I was going to say in the other thread that if I see new threads that mention a particular bank and or forum I just view as trolling now :eyes:

" I used to be a loyal customer and I should be receiving your current account tomorrow. But really, what kind of sh*t is this quality of service you are providing? "

sorry but this does seem a bit aggressive to me really on a public forum


I didn’t say you attacked anyone. I said you were rather on the attack side. You came in all guns blazing.

Monzo is rubbish, terrible customer service etc.

@anon95680666 asked you for clarification and you contradicted yourself in quite a standoffish fashion. You didn’t attack him.

That’s how I saw it.


Expressing my opinion on the quality of service of a business or official entity is not illegal nor forbidden. In fact, it’s freedom of speech! I’m not attacking anyone personally by saying this!

Personally I think the moderation on here is a bit harsh, but going thru historical threads things have got out of hand before, so I can see why they er on the cautious side and stamp down on things before a likely occurrence happens


You’re still able to edit your original post.

I think it was reasonable for James to point out that you’d also posted about this issue on social media.

The team will be replying to your original post shortly.


Ok - I hope you get your problem with Monzo sorted out :slight_smile:

If you have concerns about how this forum is being managed, could you please create a dedicated topic to discuss this issue & point out specific examples. We would welcome any feedback that you have.

The original thread was locked due to the flood of replies and it was on track to become a huge fight. I support Alex’s decision to lock it down pending a staff reply.

They will no doubt be able to shed more light on why the problems happened, but here on the public forum we don’t have those details.


@iansliversides reply showed me that he understood by story in the opposite way. The way he said it was as if he’s justifying why my account (not my friend’s) should be blocked!

I’m a moderator on a huge (2m+ active members) forum and I think the moderation here is just fine. At the end of the day, this thread is pointless and you should take up concerns with the admins and have patience for them to get back to you. This is a private forum and it’s entirely up to Monzo how it is moderated. If you strongly dislike their moderation style, the solution is clear — don’t post here. :+1:


Well the problem is that there are regulations that force Monzo to take precautions and they may have to freeze/cancel an account if it is in breach of those regulations. I don’t agree with those regulations either but I don’t blame Monzo or any other bank for them as they’ve got no choice in the matter.


A member of the team has now responded to your original topic which has now been reopened so you’re welcome to respond -


I don’t. I pointed out how the forum had had threads get out of control in the past and how that is the reason a heavy hand makes sense