Just reading themedia that Monzo are found out to be de-banking people’s accounts.
I find this appauling behaviour, along with the derogative political comments that some of your staff, if not all, have made about political figures that help to run the UK.
If this is true, I await further information, i hope that Monza Bank will make a full apology to these people along with severe reprimands to the staff that seem no more than political agitators.
I await any response from you.
As an aside i have taken evidence in support of my account with you, just in case you decide to de- bank myself.

There’s conversation going on here:

Feel free to add your thoughts in there.

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This is a forum for customers and even if it wasn’t, I doubt Monzo would respond to just individual customers about something like this when they made their position clear to the media.


I doubted that Monzo would reply but the gravity of what they are involved in i would like to think that Monzo Bank would, at the very least, take note of customer concern, mainly with reference to their employees making very derogatory statements.
Monzo Bank is exactly that,political involvement should never ever be referenced to the customers that belong to said bank.
Are you an emloyee of Monzo Bank?,or a moderator of this Monzo Bank forum?, if you are an employee i certainly hope that you are not one of said people working there that are reported to making said political remarks, for the consuption of the general public, or , goodness knows what other kinds things you are saying reference YOUR customers.

@AlanDoe or @cookywook can this be fired off to the main topic :pray:t3:

The storm in a teacup that a paper with a clear agenda are trying to push any chance they get?

And it never was. It’s only whistleblowers who leaked staff discussion to the public but no evidence of any of it impacting how the bank interacts with customers.

As I said we’re mainly all customers here. The very few Monzo folk are identified as such but they’re rarely seen and it’s not their job to make any statements on these matters.

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In case you haven’t seen it, Monzo have made a statement, which was quoted in an article in the Telegraph:

“These cherry-picked comments are personal views of a handful of employees in informal conversations and it is wrong to portray them as the views of Monzo or our thousands of other employees.”