Descriptions of paid from pot items

We use a pot in our joint account to pay all of the bills, and transfer a fixed amount in every month.

When you click on the bills pot, you just see the amount and that it was transferred to joint. Could the description be for whatever the associated paid from pot items is?

It will probably show that when it psys it directly from the pot in the future and

It is correct at the moment because it is transferred from the pot to your joint account, it doesn’t directly go out of the pot to the person or company you are paying

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erm… the colours seem to be inverted in your screenshot :astonished:

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Has someone managed Dark Mode in the Monzo app? :thinking:

My forced dark mode in android looks like that :blush:

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What device/android version are you?

I used to have dark mode on Monzo via ‘Override force-dark’ in Developer options, but it stopped working at some point (Pixel 5/Android 11 stock) - although at one point the Monzo transaction map and the map in the Monzo user profile went dark for a while and then returned to light by themselves. Backend feature flag messing!

I’m on android 10 on a OnePlus 5t - I had a security update that messed with the forced dark setting, but after switching it off and on again it seems to be holding. Monzo is one of the better faring apps with it - amazon is almost impossible to see things the search bar for instance.

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