Using Descriptions for payments into Pots

Hi Im new here to the help forum , but i have been Using Monzo for a couple of years now. I use the Pots to store money that I receive from people for products i make and sell. When i put an amount into the pot i add a description of what it is for. But, I cant then see that description when i go to all transactions in that Pot. I can see the descriptions in the main account though. Has this recently changed or have i never noticed this before !?

Hi. Welcome.

It changed a few months ago and now notes are on both sides of the transaction.

So if you go into the pot feed, there’s a note on that side of the transaction. There’s also a note on the side that’s in your main feed.

P.S. Be careful about making and selling using a personal account. Depending on how much you do, you might be better off/need a business account.

Hi Revels, thanks for that although i still only see the note on the Current account side not the pot side ! I can however see the 2 that i added yesterday, but nothing before that.

I don’t see it either. It’s actually a pet peeve of mine that I have to label things so many times.

I have a pot of funds which I’m using to pay for wedding related bits. Whenever I pay for something I have to label it:

  1. in the wedding pot feed for the money leaving the pot
  2. again in my main account fee for money arriving from pot
  3. and again for the transaction itself for a wedding related purchase

A pain!