This is my first time commenting on the forum. I dont know if this has been covered or im just being silly but why when I transfer money between my accout to my savings or bills and then back again if need be does this count towards a new deposit and withdrawl? This makes my account well and truely over inflated with the amount of money going in. It literally says ive deposited over Β£8000 into my account in like 2/3 months which is most definitely not the case. Is there a way to change this so only money in and out counts and not between accounts ??

Use the Exclude from Summary feature within the transaction.

Just scroll down and switch it on.

That’s what I do.

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Tag the transfers as transfers category and should remove from summary, or you can tap exclude from summary if that option is available.

Though, it is factual moving the funds around it will show on your transaction feed.

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I do that, in addition to the exclude :smile:

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