Hashtags and received transfers

Edit: Not sure if I posted in right place, just noticed the vote button beside title. I suppose the request is: Can totals on hashtag summary be modified to include deposits and transfers into account?

Totals at the bottom once you clicked on a #tag included deposits or transfers in. Not sure why else you’d tag positive money coming in unless you wanted it grouped with that tag.

I’ve only ever used tags to group holidays transactions which usually span several months. I.e. bough flights two months ago, hotel this month and spending when actually there next month. But that total now seems pointless to me if it doesn’t take into account the money I received from my friends for the flights I booked for all.

Was this change to only look at spending on that total intentional or is this a bug? Hashtags have suddenly just become useless for my use case :pensive:

This thread may be of interest - are you on iOS or Android?:

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Ah ok thanks. I’m android.

I would bet this broke in android at some point as I would have sworn this worked for me right a while back. Doubting my memory now though.