Deposit limit query

Good morning all I have a question regarding desposit limit on my account it’s currently saying £1 limit available left to deposit but it’s been 180 days so should of reset to £1000 limit again any idea why it hasn’t please as I would like to put cash on my card.

Many thanks

I’d wait till tomorrow and see what happens. If it doesn’t change, contact Monzo. If you can’t wait, contact them today.

Thanks for the reply it’s been past the 6 months by nearly a week now so how do I contact monzo please ?

In the app search for “contact” and then you’ll get through to chat.

Thanks trying to find it any idea where about it is on the app please?

Did you try the “help” section?

Would you like to me to write the message for you too? :rofl:

on iOS if you go to the question mark at the bottom right hand side of the screen in the app , press it and it will take you to a search box on the screen , type in “contact us” and that should do it …

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I think my New Year resolution might be to not tell people how to contact their bank.

Nice to see you’re back, by the way. We’re you “working on the oil rigs?” :joy: