Depositing Cash

Hi all. Apologies if this topic has been covered to death, I’m new to this. Would anybody happen to know if there are any major changes in the pipeline when it comes to depositing cash? Or if this has already been answered, please direct me so I can have a look! It’s not a huge issue, but can get annoying asking family to deposit cash and then transfer it to me. If Monzo could link up with the Post Office, much like Starling that would be good.


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Hey Neil! :wave:

At the moment we’ve nothing to announce regarding cash deposits, I’m afraid.

It’d be great to have more options in the future, but as it stands there’s not much in the way of updates here.

I use my HSBC account for this sort of thing, cash and cheque imaging. Always good to have a backup current account anyway. (though some feel this is spam, it’s still good advice.)

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it would be nice if you could pay more than £1000 in a year though. I’d pay more to have a higher limit but this was declined

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