Need to send a large sum of cash - no response in chat

Hi guys

I am in the process of buying a house and need to send the deposit for the house to the solicitor today, was chatting to someone to lift the limit for this one off transaction, this person suddenly stopped responding and now has disappeared for the last 3 hours.

I need this to be resolved today in order to get the solicitor to process the contract exchange.

Please help? :(:worried:

Nobody on here can help with this I’m afraid - call the number on the back of your card and hopefully you’ll get through to someone :slight_smile:

For future people finding this thread, I’d avoid Monzo and use FPS with a high street bank, many with no artificial limits so can send up to £250k no hassle needing to contact staff.

Not much use to you know I know but sadly this seems a common issue with Monzo and their artificially tiny limits.


Thanks but it’s a little too late now as all the deposit funds are in my Monzo account. :frowning:
If I had known of the limit I’d have used my high Street bank…

Currently at work so don’t have my card with me and therefor the Monzo number.

I would’ve thought the chat people would be responsive… Or at least not leave the conversation hanging and disappear… Any other options?

0800 8021 0620
020 3872 0620


I think you need to do a selfie with your card to get your limit increased


It might be worth sending a selfie with your card in an email to saying how much you want to send, and to whom.


Yep more then happy to do the selfie once I am home from work as don’t have my card with me at work, but we are talking £70k-ish… And I don’t really want to raise my limit permanently its just a one off, so would they do that?

If it’s something major like a house purchase I’d run home to get it! Screw your boss this one time.

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Yep, they do things like that regularly

I wouldn’t recommend the email option as that’s a longer route. Try the number that was posted a couple of replies up

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Right let me ring them… Haha I wish I could run home lol

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Managed to get through to a super helpful person on the phone who’s now dealing with it and says he will contact the specialise team and try to resolve it in the next 2 hours, they cant promise but are giving it a go, fingers crossed Luke can seal the deal aha.

Thanks so much for the quick help here guys :slight_smile:


#IBelieveInLuke :crossed_fingers:

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Has this changed drastically in the last few years. When I was buying a house HSBC insisted I’d have to send any amount over £10k by CHAPS and charged me £30 for the privilege.

Not too sure buddy but I have to send the deposit to a solicitor rather then the lender so that may be why I don’t need to use CHAPS.

A few years ago I’m pretty sure they were >£10k online.

They are currently £25k.

No real update so far, someone took over a few minutes ago on the chat randomly and got a msg saying “the specialists are still looking to get this sorted”, so losing hope it will be done in the next 30 minutes now… But let’s see, the world lives on hope.

5.37 - just got a msg saying limits raised and payment has been sent!

Thanks so much guys, jeez a different kind of pressure this was lol.

For those who find themselves in a similar situation give monzo at least a 48 hour notice ideally if not the 3-4 days, also the limit is raised for 24 hours so you’ve got to be quick once done.

For me the call helped get it all setup, and the chat is where it was confirmed in the end.

Thanks again to all those who contributed to this thread.


Congratulations on your :house:!

(sorry about all the stress they put you through)

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